10 songs that will help you cross the city

10 songs that will help you cross the city

And will make you forget the car beeps and the crowd on the underground. Gisela Fullà is a sound engineer from Barcelona who lives in Brooklyn. Noia is her personal project. She mixes R&B with electronics. And she does it alone: there’s only her + a laptop. And her clean and sweet voice. These are the 10 songs that make her smile while she’s crossing New York City. Feel free to listen to her tracklist wherever you are, unless you are trying to relax in the countryside. Then, save it for tomorrow.

1. Jazmine Sullivan. #HoodLove.

2. Jai Paul. Jasmine.

3. Christine and The Queens. Christine.

4. Javiera Mena. Esa Fuerza.

5. Jungle. Busy Earnin’.

6. Stromae. Papaoutai.

7. Sau Poler. Reflections.

8. El Guincho. (Chica-Oh) Drims.

9. Roisin Murphy. Ancora Tu.

10. Empress Of. How Do You Do It.