OpenStudios participants

OpenStudios participants

- 11 February 2019

These are all the companies you will be able to meet during OpenStudios, in alphabetical order:


How digitization is transforming business models.

ANIMA is an innovation consultancy specialized in creating new products, services, experiences and business models with a digital base that respond to future trends and needs.

Date: 15 February at 10:30 am at C/Calvet, 41-45 mezzanine floor 3ª.



They are an investment company in the field of medicine and scientific innovation. They mainly help and finance the projects of doctors and scientists who want to treat diseases with innovative projects of research centers and hospitals.

They will explain how they identify and invest in powerful scientific projects and the type of work they do on those investments. In addition, you’ll see an example of the kind of entrepreneurs they support as there will be a talk on one of their latest projects: mobile digital therapy with virtual reality to treat mental illnesses such as anxiety or phobias.

Date: 20 February at 10am at Passeig de Gràcia, 53 attic.



This is the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, the national center that houses the supercomputer MareNostrum, one of the most powerful in Europe.

You will attend a general presentation of the centre and what a supercomputer can do.

Date: 20 February at 4 pm at C/ Jordi Girona, 31 (Torre Girona building).



La Fundación Lucha contra el Sida is a non-profit organization dedicated to assistance, research and teaching in the field of HIV/AIDS. It was created in 1992 by Dr. Bonaventura Clotet and is located in the HIV Unit of the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital (Badalona). At the Foundation, a team of professionals with expertise in various disciplines offers comprehensive assistance to people with HIV and develops research projects adapted to their needs, quickly incorporating new treatments and scientific advances into clinical practice.

Lecture by the president of the Foundation, Dr. Bonaventura Clotet.

Date: 15 February at 11 am at the chick&basic Born Boutique Hotel, C/de la Princesa, 50.



Intersections between handcrafts and technology.

Cabeza Patata is the creation of illustrator and craftswoman Katie Menzies, and artist and 3D animator Abel Reverter. We care about diversity and feminine empowerment and join forces to create a world of playful but strong characters, full of energy and positivity.

We are a duo of directors/studio character creation and animation created in early 2018. We work between Barcelona and London and have clients around the world, including Google, the Royal Society of the Arts and the New York Times.

At first sight, our studio works surrounded by technology and creates projects to be seen mainly in digital space, but behind the technological layer hides a great deal of craftsmanship – using traditional methods such as sewing, sculpture and photography Cabeza Patata creates unique pieces.

Date: 16 February at 16h in C/Pamplona, 89 1st floor.



Spanish videogames: worldwide leaders.
Talent in the Spanish video game industry. They will explain how and why the industry in our country has grown and has become one of the leaders worldwide. They will also talk about existing initiatives to promote this talent and show some success stories.
Date: 18 February at 17h in C/Concepción Arenal, 165.



Technological trends: vision of the impact they will have on people and their jobs.

ContecNow is a technology company focused on serving medium and large companies that helps in the modernization and management of their IT and telecommunications processes.

They will tell you about their vision of the changes that are expected in the near future and how we believe they will affect people and jobs.

Date: 18 and 22 February at 12 noon at C/Angli, 31 4th floor.



Rethinking learning experiences for the 21st century.

Creator Street is a laboratory of new learning experiences for 21st century skills, with a particular focus on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and the creative use of technologies. They collaborate with schools, universities and companies, and propose direct learning experiences for young people. They organize the Maker Challenge ( for young people from 10 to 30 years old (in different categories), an innovation challenge with impact where participants solve real world problems and make their ideas come true through digital manufacturing technologies (3D printing, Laser Cutting, Arduino, Apps…).

You will be welcomed in the Barcelona Learning Innovation Community (BLIC), a new space for educational innovation in the centre of Barcelona (, where you will be introduced to the experience of the Maker Challenge and the third edition that starts in March and, in addition, you will be given a practical introduction to Design Thinking.

Date: 18 February at 18h and 19 February at 17h at C/Enric Granados, 7.



Visit to the most modern laboratory in Europe.

Visit of the Assisted Reproduction Laboratory, the most technologically modern laboratory in Europe. There will be a guided tour where all the new advances that are offered thanks to technology will be explained.

Date: 14 February and 21 February, at 16h in Gran Via de Carles III, 71



Domestic Data Home.

Data changes the way we perceive the world. Today more information is generated about ourselves and what surrounds us than ever before in the course of history. For this reason, we need new tools to understand and turn this information into a language that is understandable to all.

Domestic Data Streamers is a multidisciplinary team from Barcelona that has undertaken the challenge of capturing and transforming raw data from interactive systems and experiences; with a background in digital media and interaction design, they play between the limits of art, science and sociology to approach the world of data with a more human approach.

The team was created in October 2013 and since then has created facilities for museums and institutions both nationally and internationally, including the CCCB, Smart City Expo, Disseny Hub Barcelona, California Academy of Science and PMQ Hong Kong.

They will explain what they do, how they do it and why they do it, with the case study of some of their emblematic projects.

Date: 21 February at 11am in C/Pujades, 77 3rd floor, door 8C.



Inside Hamill Industries.

Hamill Industries is a creative studio formed by the directors, inventors and visual artists Pablo Barquín and Anna Diaz. Their practice focuses on combining digital, robotic and visual techniques to explore concepts of nature, the cosmos and physics.

Deeply influenced by their practice as filmmakers, the duo conducts artistic and technological research in the field of visual arts and the visualization and synthesis of sound, combining new media and experimental technologies with mechanical inventions.

Hamill Industries has become, in spite of its short trajectory, a studio where to expand the artistic practice to new creative dimensions based on innovation and engineering. They have managed to create unique visual and poetic experiences, often inspired by the world of science fiction and the cinematic avant-garde.

Hamill Industries works in multiple media including advertising, music videos, art installations and live performance. His pieces have gained international recognition with publication in different media (The Washington Post, Motionographer, Deezen, The Creators Project, TV3, BTV) and awards such as the LAUS Gold ’16 and the selection among the 10 best European projects STARTS PRIZE ’16. Since 2016 they have accompanied the producer, composer and DJ Floating Points on tour creating their fascinating visual shows and recently directed their visual album “Reflections – Mojave Desierto”. Their work has passed through festivals and internationally recognized institutions such as ARS Electronica, Barbican Centro, Primavera Sound or Coachella and have worked for brands such as Converse, Diesel or Cervezas Alhambra.

Date: February 22, at 5pm in C/Pamplona, 89 bajos.



Visit to collectives in Hangar residence.

Hangar is an open center for research and artistic production that supports creators and artists. Hangar’s mission is to support creators in all phases of the visual arts production process, and to contribute to the best achievement of each of their projects. For this reason, all our services focus on facilitating artists’ access to the necessary material and technical resources and on providing a context for experimentation and the free transfer of knowledge.

You will take a tour of the collectives that work in Hangar.

Date: February 21, at 18h in C/Emilia Coranty, 16.



We will talk about topics as diverse as the financing strategy for startups, both from the point of view of the investor and from the point of view of the entrepreneur; its history in the world of startups and a comparison of how it operates in the traditional sector vs. startups; Diversity on boards or what digital Health is.

Date: 20 and 21 February, at 10 am in chick&basic Born Boutique Hotel, C/de la Princesa, 50.



Bioengineering for 21st century medicine.

The Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC, is a research centre, based in Barcelona, which carries out interdisciplinary research of excellence at the frontier of engineering and life sciences in order to generate new knowledge integrating fields such as nanomedicine, biophysics, biotechnology, tissue engineering and information technology applications in the field of health.

From its scientific-technological capacity, IBEC wishes to contribute to the development of this 21st century medicine based on bioengineering capable of designing and analysing biological systems and developing new biomedical technologies to guarantee a healthy life and promote universal well-being, achieving a better quality of life for people.

You will discover how bioengineering is changing 21st century medicine.

Date: 19 February at 3 pm in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB): Edifici Hèlix C/Baldiri Reixac, 15-21.



The new marketing: how the business function is changing and what managers need to do.

With new technologies, megatrends, and millennials, is “traditional marketing” dying? In this session we will examine the validity of some of the classic marketing tools, as well as some of the main challenges faced by managers in this field.

Speaker: Íñigo Gallo, Adjunct Professor of the Department of Commercial Management at IESE. Prof. Gallo holds a PhD in Management from the Anderson School of Management at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Before completing his doctorate, he graduated in Economics and Business from the Universitat de Barcelona, worked for several years as a management consultant for Everis and studied an MBA at IESE.

His research focuses on understanding how experiential shopping (a situation we live or experience) differs from material purchases (tangible objects we own) and how these differences influence the way consumers evaluate and choose experiences as opposed to products. Some of the questions that Gallo tries to answer with his research are: What is the difference between the way price influences the decision to acquire an experience and a product? What type of advertising works best for experiences compared to products? How do consumers deal with the uncertainty associated with the evaluation of an experiential purchase?

Íñigo Gallo has presented his research at two top-level conferences on consumer behavior organized by the Association of Consumer Research and the Society of Consumer Psychology. He has also given seminars at various institutions, both academic and corporate.

Date: February 19 at 19h in the Aula Magna of the North Campus of IESE Business School (Arnús i Gari number 7).



INESDI Digital Business School, a school of innovation in the professions that accompanies people and organizations in their digital transformation processes. They study and analyse the evolution of the digital economy. They look for and detect new trends and relevant changes in the sector.

Date: two sessions, 20 and 21 February at 17h in C/ Rambla de Catalunya, 33 1º 1ª.



Organoids: studying cells in 3D.

The Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) is an internationally renowned research centre dedicated to understanding fundamental issues of human health and disease. The main areas of study of the institute are cancer and metastasis, ageing and the study of the basic mechanisms that cause disease.

IRB Barcelona carries out a multidisciplinary quest for excellence, offering its members high-level training in the field of biosciences. It also offers a component of innovation through the active transfer of technology as a benefit to society, as well as participation in an open dialogue with the public through activities of citizen participation and education.

Date: 21 February at 11am at C/Baldiri Reixac, 10.



The Reality of Virtual Reality.

Entrepreneur and Producer of Virtual Reality. Ceo& Founder of Mentor-VR

You can meet the Virtual Reality entrepreneur, Jordi Valls.

We will do a small review of how we have arrived at the state of Virtual Reality and we will see the recent work done by Mentor-VR. We will talk about how VR is going to change society in general and work in particular, especially in the short term and in very realistic terms. We will not talk about science fiction but about things that are already happening today.

Date: 20 February at 12:30pm at the chick&basic Born Boutique Hotel, C/de la Princesa, 50.



How to scale companies with a city hub strategy.

Nekko is a Venture Capital with local presence and global exposure.

They will give you the keys to undertake and grow start ups in the field of cities.

Date: 14 February at 12:30h on Avenida Diagonal 405 bis, 2nd floor.



Discovering Nuclio Venture Builder.

Nuclio is a Venture Builder that promotes and builds startups from business ideas validated in other markets. To achieve this, we identify and research success models in other countries, transfer them to Nuclio and develop them following our own agile methodology based on lean startup. In order to do this, we base ourselves on the fundamental pillar of success: the talent of the team.

You will attend the presentation of the startups that form part of Nuclio and its business models and you will discover what a venture builder is and how Nuclio’s business model works.

Date: 14 February at 17h in Plaça de Pau Vila, 1 Edificio Palau de Mar, letter A, Planta 2.



There will be a tour in which you will visit:

  • Seat Metropolis Lab: open innovation space.
  • Payment Innovation Hub by CaixaBank, Samsung, VISA, GlobalPayment, ARVAL: open innovation space.
  • Antai Venture Builders: Company builder with start-ups Corner Job, Carnovo, Deliberry.
  • mVentures de la Mobile World Capital: explanation of the projects.
  • Gas Natural: open innovation space.
  • Capital Cell: The first European crowdfunding platform for biotechnology projects.
  • Byhours: startup Transformation in the hotel sector.
  • Barcelona Tech City coworking space: B-WOM startups, MyPoppins, eq Team, Drivy…

Date: 15 February and 18 February at 12h in Plaça de Pau Vila, 1.



Plat Institute of Augmented Gastronomy.

Plat is the Institute of Augmented Gastronomy. In their creative center, they unite education, research and product development. With the use of new technologies, Plat deciphers the future challenges of the food-related industry.

There will be an inspirational talk about new trends in Food Design and Food Tech where they will talk about the areas of research that they carry out in their Laboratory.

“Augmented Gastronomy” is a concept that explains the future interaction between disciplines such as: arts, science, technology, life in space, architecture, entertainment and medicine, with gastronomy.

It is therefore a question of finding other functions for food beyond its nutritional function. All the areas of study will have room within a new thought, methodologies, discoveries and products for the ways of life of the future. This concept is born out of the need for gastronomy to be re-imagined and redesigned in order to face the possible problems and challenges that arise in humanity both on Earth and in Space.

Date: 19 February at 13h in C/Pujades, 85, Bajos.



Privalia, the interior of a successful e-commerce and brand.

Privalia, part of Veepee, is the leading outlet for online fashion. Privalia was born in 2006 in Barcelona as an online store offering daily sales of products from the best brands, with exceptional and exclusive prices for our customers. A team of more than 1,600 people work passionately every day around the world inspiring our customers to feel better and save money.

Privalia is a leader in the 4 markets in which it operates (Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico). Through efficiency and innovation, such as its mobile channel and app, Privalia has reached more than 34 million registered users worldwide and around 29M downloads of its app.

Privalia was acquired in 2016 by the French Veepee Group, creator and world leader of the “flash sales” concept.

Date: 15 February at 10 a.m. at C/Llull, 113.



The light, as you’ve never imagined it.

ProtoPixel is the platform that has turned design and lighting control into a friendly and accessible practice. Our tools help designers, agencies, artists and companies create dynamic and unique lighting experiences within the retail, hospitality and entertainment sector, enabling them to stand out, attract more customers and reduce operating costs.

You’ll discover how light technology affects your day-to-day life, hours before enjoying the Festival de la Luz de Barcelona (Llum BCN).

Date: 15 February at 16h in C/Pere IV, 78 2º 1ª



Ship2B Foundation: We are a private foundation that aims to accelerate business projects of high social impact by making available to the best entrepreneurs our community of mentors, experts, entities and large companies. In addition, we have the first and largest impact investment network in Spain and a co-investment vehicle to invest in disruptive startups that generate a double return: economic and social.

Date: 21 February at 4:30 p.m. at C/Almogàvers, 165 3rd floor 



Typeform and the creative team.

Typeform is a company that offers its software as a service to create and manage online forms and collect all the information.

Date: 20 February at 9am at C/Doctor Trueta, 113.



Inside Wallapop: A walk through the history of the most popular buy-sell app.

Wallapop is the place where you can find everything you are looking for and sell what you no longer need. Wallapop is to make moving easier. It’s finally accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions. And if not, look for others. Wallapop is to recover lost hobbies. Or find the painter of your next home. Did you know that you can also find your next home? Wallapop is to lighten your backpack to live with less things. Wallapop is making friends. Wallapop is the platform on which the second hand, becomes a better choice than the first.

Date: 21 February at 12h in Avinguda Meridiana, 89.