Is a Street Art Festival where 6 of the most celebrated artists from Barcelona
co-create a 55m long Wall at the entrance of Primavera Sound

Click here to see how #BarcelonaCreativeWall was painted Live!

barcelonacreativewall final

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Artist Profiles

  • Cristian BlanxerCristian Blanxer explores different styles and techniques. His brushstrokes are spontaneous, his colors intense and the result is always poetic. Most of his work reproduce human actions, from ordinary to surrealistic situations. He says he always tries to leave the emotions outside, be impartial and never stop evolving.
  • Rubén SánchezRubén Sánchez is from Madrid but lives in Barcelona. He’s a self-taught artist kidnapped by the skate subcultures and graffiti of the 90s. Influenced by mediterranean and arab cultures, graphic design and visual psychedelia. A mixture where the human being and the organic forms are the main characters. He uses recycled materials and he specially […]
  • Mina HamadaMina Hamada was born in Louisiana, raised in Tokyo and now lives in Barcelona, although she travels around the world looking for murals to paint. Pop colors, abstract figures, fantastic worlds and 100% improvisation. Nowadays she paints murals with the artist Zosen Bandido, with whom she has consolidated an artistic duo called Zosen & Mina. Together, […]
  • TxemyTxemy is from Tenerife but lives in Barcelona. He left a good job as an art director to paint 24/7. He also collaborated with fashion designer Krizia Robustella in her “Miami Riot” collection, although he says he prefers to paint walls. Lines, splashes and darkness. But a darkness with a dot of color. For him, […]
  • Marina CapdevilaMarina Capdevila started as a graphic designer but decided to turn into an illustrator when she realized she was able to do it. She started painting murals as a hobbie but now she spends almost the 100% of her time on it. She draws elderly people with a young spirit. Why? Because she’s afraid of […]
  • Amaia ArrazolaAmaia Arrazola changed Madrid for Barcelona and advertising for illustration. Restless and curious. A girl of action. Drawing is what makes her feel better. She can’t stand paralysis due to analysis. And she says she only regrets what she has never done. She’s interested in the process of creation and interaction. She draws everything she sees […]
  • Zosen BandidoZosen Bandido is an urban artist who comes from the graffiti world. Geometry, neon colors and folklore from here and there. Originally from Argentina, although he has lived in Barcelona since he was 12 years old. Now he travels all over the world looking for walls to paint. He defines himself as a shaman of […]

Artist Portfolio

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