The street art festival that will welcome you
to the Primavera Sound

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For the first time, Primavera Sound  featured the #BarcelonaCreativeWall, a street art festival that welcomed guests to the festival. The Wall was painted live during the three days of concerts  and it now remains there to celebrate the art created in Barcelona.

It all began when SEAT launched a challenge to TheCreativeNet: let’s give birth to a street art festival in the Primavera Sound: let’s bring some of the most celebrated artists together and make them co-create a collaborative piece of art!

And so we did. TheCreativeNet selected some of the artists who could best represent the essence of Barcelona and after a workshop with them we decided to give birth to a mural that was going to represent 24 hours in Barcelona. A 55 meter long wall full of color, energy, creativity and inspiration was created in a collaborative way  by 7 members of TheCreative.Net. You can check the amazing result here.

And this was just the beginning. Stay tuned for some exciting news regarding Seat, Primavera Sound and TheCreativeNet.

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