What it is

TheCreative.Net is a platform that identifies, connects, interconnects and gives visibility to the creative talent with more projection in Barcelona/Catalunya. An open and always under construction project whose origins come from the underlying need to acknowledge and strengthen the country’s main asset: creativity.

To do so, TheCreative.Net consists of an interactive map with over 1,000 talent references that grows organically through the endorsements of each creative. How? Talent recommends talent. Because, who better than a creative mind itself to detect outstanding new talent?

In addition to the network, with the clear intention to share all kinds of content related to creativity, (www.thecreative.net/blog) was born. A site dedicated -not only to showcase news and upcoming projects of members of the network- but also as a platform where interviews, articles, reports, reviews and analytics can be found. A website where the importance of creativity in every field is reinforced, under the conviction and certainty that creativity has a strong impact in every country’s economy.

What we want


Give visibility to new and emerging talents.


Identify, project, connect and promote cooperation between the creators of the map. Becoming a co-creation space that supports the creation of new projects and ideas.


Become a knowledge + inspiration tool available for specialized audience (journalists, cultural agents, researchers, creators) and general public (amateurs, students, etc.).


Create a media focused on giving visibility and projection to creators and their projects. And, at the same time, acknowledge the vital importance of creativity in every area of a productive society.


Position the country as a creativity reference.

Who we are

We are a team of journalists, curators, producers, writers, video makers and art directors who have the firm conviction that creativity plays a fundamental role in every aspect of life; It can be applied in any area, having a direct impact on society and economy. That’s why we decided to build a platform to identify, connect, empower and strengthen collaborations between some of the most creative makers of the country. Our aim is to discover new and emerging talent through talent itself. Give visibility to it and present it to the world. Under the conviction that the stronger the creative muscle is, the better society we’ll become.

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